Bow Tie Lips And Dollar Store Panties

“Put him back in the toilet till he talks.”
There are alot of things a person can think about when a 6’5” 350 LB drag queen named Simone is holding their head, under what used to be water, in a bathroom that makes a gutter-punk picnic look like an Amish baptism. Most people would be thinking about giving her royal himness the info she wanted.
I was way too stupid for that. The only image in my mind was the ‘Angel Who Had Fallen To Earth’ waiting for me at the room.
“Sugar ya ready to tell us where to get our stuff,this is gettin on my Prada Bag”
“Naw I need more time in the toilet.”
Good I needed more time to envision her lovely face. The way her lips weren’t aesthetically perfect, kind of like the panties from the dollar store. How I was in love with her dollar store panty bow tie lips. The way their most beautiful phrase could never be misinterpreted as olive juice. Her hair against me as she kissed me goodbye was spun obsidian against her milky bedroom skin.
“He quit movin”

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