Live longer or Die now?

The strange man got up from his chair and gave Thomas a charred stick covered with some metal foil.

“Use this to get to the next participant. We will take you to the first one.”

“Im not going anywhere unless someone tells me what is going on!” Thomas shouted.

The man jammed a syringe in Thomas’ arm.

Thomas winced and barely stifled a scream.

“I just inserted nanites in your arm Thomas. You will either live longer or die now. As simple as that. Do not waste my time. Do you want to play or not?”

Thomas obviously getting what would happen if he said no, agreed to play.

“Very good then, the rules are simple. Find and convince your teamates to play in the game, then keep them alive for 3 days. If they do not agree just give them the nanites.”

“Ok, when do we start?” Thomas forced out angrily.


Suddenly they were in a hair salon.

“Here are the names and their locations.”

The man gives Thomas the paper then dissapears.

“Tasha Hawk, here. Ivan Angelou military base 311.”

Thomas groaned.

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