The Lonely Road.

Smith drove down the lonely road. He ad drove this road many times many ways. He had cried on this rode, met his first love on this road; This road was even the first road he drove on. Yes, this rode was practically a part of Smith. Every blade of grass, every pebble, every sign he knew well.

So he was very surprised to come upon a sign that just read: Caution govern- and the rest was faded out. The only other words he could make out were GO NO FURTHER. Would he drive on? Smith stopped directly in front of the sign. He decided it was a prank. He drove past the sign.

Later that same day a large suv materialized in the American Oval Office. The janitor, William was killed in the accident. Smith was labeled a terrorist and a murderer and locked up. Turned out the U.S.A had made a breakthrough in teleportation technology. The lonely road was the president’s emergency escape route. The road was perfect because noone ever drove on it….. except Smith.

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