One Way.

The very foreign traveler Mr. Fisk was just arriving in america. He rented a car and began his drive to his sister’s house whom he just decided he would visit once a year. He was using one of thos Gps things for the first time and was quickly becoming angry with the soothing african lady who always got the directions wrong!

Mr. Fisk came towards an empty four-way stop. There was a branched off road reading one way. Mr. Fisk stared at the sign confused. He even got out of his car laughably and examined his surroundings. Confused he took the one way street. After all ther is only one way.

“Why do these americans put up fake-roads?” Mr. Fisk thought.

Mr. Fisk followed the road one way. Straight into the unseen cliff that leaded straight to the potomac river.

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