The Trouble With Kelly

“So why were you hanging out with her?” Kelly asked me, after we managed to get most of the ice cream off of my pants.

I shrugged. “She looked like a nice person, and she was all alone.” Just like I was.

Kelly frowned. “Well, she looks stuck up to me. And I’ve heard some awful things about her.”

I stared at Kelly. “What? Since when do you listen to what other people say?” I was shocked. What’s the problem? You aren’t acting like yourself Kells.

She just gave me this icy look, while I unlocked my bike. “I only care about certain things that are said.” Kelly tossed her hair and huffed a bit.

I started to get upset. I didn’t know what her problem was and frankly I didn’t care. I don’t want my girlfriend picking apart some girl she barely even knew like this.

“Kelly, I don’t know what your problem is, but you need to get over it. You’re being snobby and childish, since when do you act like people are beneath you? You don’t even know her!”

“Neither do you!” She actually stamped her foot.

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