She sat at the picnic table hating this place. All around her was color, laughter, happiness. The smell of peppers and sausages coming from the grill. Kids squealing with laughter whirling around on the teacups. Dads proudly handing over giant stuffed tigers into the arms of their children. The lights of the ferris wheel against the star-lit sky. But worst of all was the happy couples.

They were everywhere. Holding hands, sharing fried dough, laughing at each other as they tried on cowboy hats. A guy held the cones as his wife stooped down to pick their baby up out of the stroller. A pair of teenagers were all over each other despite the crowd.

She saw a woman use her finger to whipe the mustard off her husband’s lip and then stick her finger in her mouth and suck the mustard off. Her ring glittered with all the lights. He stared a moment then kissed her passionately.

That used to be us she thought. Why did you have to die? What makes everybody else so lucky?

Life sucks and then you live.

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