Oliver Deals With Victoria

Oliver looked into the suddenly blue eyes of his friend and realized that she had changed over. “Victoria?”

Victoria grinned at him, coldly. "Exactly what do you mean by “both my personality’s like to behave themselves”?" She cocked an eyebrow at him.

Oliver sighed. “You know Laylani hates when you do that. But you never stop.”

Victoria continued to stare at him. “You are deflecting the question.”

Oliver sighed again. “I was, as you know, referring to you. You’re always getting us into trouble. And by us I mean all of us.”

“Oh so you think I’m the bad girl?”She said smoothly, crossing her legs seductively.

“Yes.” Oliver replied, looking at her as if he were going to sigh again. “And I also think you’re annoying and pushy.”

“And what does Leo have to say about that?” Victoria purred.

Oliver rolled his eyes. “You know I can’t answer that, you’ll have to ask him yourself. And I prefer to stay me right now, so you’re going to have to wait.”

“Don’t be a spoil sport, Oliver.” Victoria pouted. “Please?”

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