Yes, Sarah was used to craving for something or the other always, but this time it was different. She sat there, bewitched, by the sudden appearance of her most beloved, and tried remembering the first time she had desired for something this big.
She was an orphan,never tried to find her ancestors.Always wished she could meet her parents, but that wish never materialized.
But now, when James, whom she adored so passionately,who almost appeared from nowhere, sat right there, right in front of her in the middle of the night, all the pieces of the jigsaw started falling in place.
Slowly, she started questioning herself and trying to find some feasible reason.
Yes, I can wish living people to appear from nowhere, into my life. Remember, uncle Thomas who always gave me presents on Christmas? He stayed in a country in another continent. Then how was it that he always popped in with a gift, when I just closed my eyes and said “I want uncle Thomas here”. Oh, God please don’t bestow on me such I worthy?

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