Everyone's a Critic

It was a dark and stormy night…

-You’re kidding right?
-No, it really was.
-That wasn’t my point. I mean, don’t you think that line is a little clich√©?
-Look, I’m just trying to paint an accurate picture here. That’s what the weather was like, and this event occurred at night.
-I understand. I’m simply saying that is not the phrase I would have chosen as the opening line of my “great novel”.
-See here! I’ll thank you to adjust your tone. Besides, I don’t see you troubling to preserve any of your thoughts for posterity.
-I’m far too busy helping you with your abysmal attempt. I honestly believe a lower order primate could come up with a more original line.
-You’ve gone too far now!
-Wait! No, put down that gun! I was only pulling your leg. Come on now!
-I will endure no more of your mockery!
-Don’t you think you are taking all this a little too seriously? Let’s just calm down and talk about this.

It was a black and tumultuous evening…

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