The Right to Death

I admit it. I think our forefathers got it wrong when they wrote the Declaration of Independence. There is no natural right to life. What is a natural right? A right that cannot be taken away from you, no matter what. And clearly, life can be taken away. But Death is inescapable. Therefore, everybody has a natural right to death.

I don’t feel that this idea is highly incompatible with our moral code. What does respect for a Right to Death mean? In my mind, it means that everybody is entitled to chose their own death (I believe in non-determinism, that the Universe is too big for anybody to be able to make highly specific predictions about the future of a single person for any long period of time, and therefore our futures cannot be predetermined in any practical way, a.k.a Free Will), and therefore suicide is legal, and homicide is illegal. Bodily harm is illegal because it could impact a person’s ability to pursue their chosen death. A right to Life, built upon a right to Death.

What are your opinions?

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