Henry's Quest

Henry was out in The Amozoan Jungle, looking for The Ruby Ear.
He had just hacked through a very tough vine,when he came to a stone door.
It was locked in a way Henry never could pick.
“HEY!” Henry shouted.
Henry picked the lock with a twig, and went inside.
He came to a hallway lit by torches, and started to run down it.
It turned out that it was an endless hallway, so he ran for 2 hours, going nowhere.
Henry came to the end of the corridor, witch had a puzzle that said:
If you wish to pass,
Give me some grass.

Henry had some grass in his hat, so he put it in the hole in the wall.
A trapdoor opened, and he fell into The Ruby Ear’s Sanctum! The Ruby Ear was lying on a pedstal.
Henry was about to try it on, when something happened…..
To Be Continued Once I Publish A Sequel

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