Date Killers

“Wow, that’s just so… tragic.”
“Yep. Now help me cut off the head. You don’t hold it over this way just right there’ll be gore and mess all over your shoes. No, harder…harder…push that.”
grunt. Thud.
“That. Was. Disgusting.”
“I know, and that was a really clean one. I still can’t get used to the smell. The buggers have some very different chemistry in their bodies. I have no idea what that smell is.”
“I get that you were just the intern and all, but really, he used you as a guinea pig for his ‘ultimate revenge’ on the James Bond guy? Who does that, even to interns?”
“Well, I guess that’s the evil part of evil genius.”
“But otherwise?”
“Other than that it was a pretty easy job. Hours were short, the dorm was totally cush, and the cafeteria was actually good. It had some perks. But the whole accidental hero bit is bullshit. I never signed up for that.”

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