The Breakup

“I can not believe you!”
She flung her glass at him, it smashed on the wall behind him, leaving a very wet stain, the smell of alcohol very present.
“Babe, it was only one night! I didn’t know what I was doing! My heart belongs to you and only you-”
She stormed out, the scent of liquor going with her.
He looked around, everyone in the bar staring at him.
“I’l just- I’ll” He kneeled awkwardly to pick up the broken shards of glass his girlfriend had tried to destroy him with.
He hadn’t drunk a single drop, but thought that now would have been the best time to tell her what he had done.
He hadn’t assumed it would have escalated so quickly.
He hadn’t thought straight, he should have told her while she was sober.
He loved her.
Well, now he didn’t have a girlfriend to love.
All he had were cuts.
The next morning, his phone woke him up.
“Hello?” he answered.
“Hey babe, I was completely wasted last night. What happened? I can’t remember anything.”
He thought carefully.
“Oh, babe, I can’t remember anything either….”

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