American Eagle

Six Flags! Yay! Fun time! Party party! Ah, how I hated rollercoasters. I didnt plan on going on any. Of course, things dont always go the way you plan.
“GO ON THE AMERICAN EAGLE!” my brother screamed at me. “No loop-de-loops! I swear!”
“Ugh! Fine!” I sighed. Rollercoasters scare the living shit out of me.
“WOOT! ROLLERCOASTERS!” my little brother cheered. We went on. The whole time, I was screaming WHAT THE HECK!! I was in the front. My little brother was in the middle of the coaster. It was very creaky, with made it even more fucking scary. Afterwards, my little brother had a messed up expression on his face, like he was scared he was dead. I actually thought it was kindof fun.
“DONT EVER GET ME ON THAT AGAIN! I AM TOO SCARED”! Because of his speech impediment, his r’s sounded like aw’s.
“What did you think of it?” my older brother asked me.
“AWESOME!” I was pumped. It was my first rollercoaster, but certainly not my last.

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