Bitter Apple Spray

“I’ll do it if you do it!” my friend squealed.
“OK! Let me get some juice first!” I shivered slightly at the thought of what our dogs Bitter Apple Spray would taste like. If your dog is chewing on stuff he isnt supposed to, youre supposed to spray it in his mouth, then on whatever hes chewing on. My friend and I were gonna spray it in our mouths. So I got some juice to wash it out.
“On the count of three! 1…2…3!” I sprayed it in my mouth. It tasted like rubbing alcohol.
“AGH!!!” I screamed.
“SHHH! Youll wake up everyone!”
“Youre turn!” I handed her the spray after taking a swig of juice.
“OK!” She sprayed it in her mouth and screamed, then drank all of my juice. “UGH! THATS DISGUSTING!” We heard footsteps upstairs. Due to the fact that we had just watched the movie Orphan, we were on edge.
“Um…whos there…” no response. I looked at the stairs. A dark figure was coming down the stairs.
“Whos that?” asked my friend.
“Um…I dont know…” the figure came into the light. It was my mom. With no head.

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