Greed (7deadlysins)

It was the most beautiful dress I had ever seen! The moment I laid eyes on it, I knew I had to have it.

The store clerk grinned from ear to ear as I twirled in the long sequined gown, admiring myself in the three-way mirror. I handed her my credit card before I took off the gown.

The beautiful shimmering fabric needed shoes and a handbag to go with them, but nothing in the stores would do. I went to the catalogue and turned pages until I found the right pair, handmade, from Germany.

The order placed, I decided that this new purchase made me heads above my peers and I needed to revamp my home as well. So I dialed up my personal interior designer and met him over brunch. I showed him the dress and we talked fabric, color, and design over crumpets and Indian tea.

But it just wasn’t enough. As I walked to my car I noticed the leather was pulling on the stitching, the AC felt warmer, and the maintenance light was on. I drove it straight to a dealership and left with a brand new image. I was a new me!

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