Greed Two (7deadlysins)

I didn’t just want it, I needed it.
It would complete me.
I would not only feel on top of the world, I would own it!

I climbed the ziggaraut’s many steps, mask in hand. It fit perfectly into the groove, opening the door. It ground down to the ground leaving a gap just big enough for an Inca. I ducked inside.

I turned on my flashlight and searched the walls. I didn’t want to set off a booby trap. I searched the floor. The map I carried had a picture of this space with holes punched out. I matched it up and 7 bricks were outlined. I threw a rock on one of them. A spearhead sunk deep into the wall where I would have stood I memorized the pattern and walked carefully avoiding the 7 bricks.

I saw the treasure room, it was shining with ancient gold. I picked up the staff of Moses. It quivered with power in my hands. I ran from the room as it began to fill with sand.

Once outside I screamed in triumph. I could rule the world!

But I gave away my position and natives surrounded me with spears at my chest.

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