Welcome to M.A.D.D.

“Welcome to Mother’s Against Drunk Driving,” the lady at the podium announced. After an applause she continued. " I see we have some new members. Welcome!" A couple other women nodded and as they looked my way I faked a smile.
During this meeting, some women retold the story of their horrific ordeals while others comforted them with hugs and condolences. I sat silently and watched.
Afterwards we were all invited to stay for cookies and lemon-ade. I was trying my best to sneak out when my arm was grabbed. A woman pleaded, “Won’t you please stay?”
I vaguely nodded and was lead over to the cookie table. “I noticed you didn’t say much tonight and that’s okay. The first night is always hard. My name is Marg. What is yours?”
Before I could answer another woman walked up and asked, “What was your loved one’s name?”
I finally spoke,“You see, I didn’t come for my loved one. I came for me. I’ve been in prison for the last 20 years.” I looked directly at Marg. “I was the drunk that ran over your son.”

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