Kitchen Floor

It was occurring to him more and more these days that she really is the one for him. They have so much in common, so why doesn’t he feel for her. Or does he and just can’t see it?

She said something that night on the kitchen floor that has played on his mind since, “She really hurt you didn’t she.” It wasn’t a question, it was an understanding. She knew just how much the previous had meant, and how much it had hurt him. She knew that it was going to take time. But he himself wondered just how much, it had been two years and nothing felt different. Was it just easier to be alone? To sit in his room every night and want more, but wake up every morning and not care? Live through another day just to start the cycle all over? He couldn’t work out how to break it. It had become the norm, and as such he was accustomed to feeling that way.

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