My First Horror Story

The hallway seemed to go on forever. But I kept running. It wouldnt do me any good to stop. Not now. Not while I was being chased by a…a…by I dont know what. It wasnt human. It was too messed up. It looked human, of course, but it wasnt. It looked beautiful. That was just part of its trap. It looked female, but I didnt know with whatever the hell it was. It had brown hair down to its ankles, and blue eyes and pale skin, with rose red lips. Like a brunette Sleeping Beauty. But after those red lips opened, all of its exterior beauty was forgetten. It had long, sharp teeth, and the back of its throat was crawling with maggots. Its tongue, if it even was a tongue, was like a dry sponge, and it was black. And it was right behind me, opened mouthed. Try to get me to stop, or slow down. But I wasnt going to. I would keep running. Forever. Atleast, until I reached the end of the hallway. I couldn’t even see what was at the end of the hall. I couldnt see if it was another thing like the one behind me.

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