Read In A Cockney Accent, Part 4

Now, any amount upwards of £50,000 will keep three gentlemen going for a while. We’re not looking for a life of luxury, because if we were, and started living one, then people would start wondering where the cash came from. Most people know that two and two equals time in a jail cell.

What we do want is a life of comfort. It’s wise to treat the jobs we pull like we would any other job: You put your head down, get it done, and get paid for the work. I’m a career criminal, not a hot-blooded maniac. When I say I’m “in it for the money”, I mean the amount of money necessary for me to live a nice life. I’m not looking to get rich quick and sun on a beach in the fucking Bahamas.

The sand gets everywhere, for starters.

We don’t commit crime whenever we get an opportunity. We commit crime when we feel it’s necessary for our continued existence in a modern society, free of financial commitment. Being motivated by greed or passion is sure-fire way to get yourself fucked in the arse by an inmate bigger than a bus.

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