Skin Deep

It looked beautiful, that was part of the trap.
I kept running down the corridor, I heard it ended in an ancient staircase. it was connected to a system of tunnels that lead outside the city. Because of the difference in pressures there was some kind of siphoning effect. if you were not careful that hole could suck you and dismember you as it dragged your body through the ancient stone stairs.
It must have come from the tunnels, some kind of primordial being from the depths or a forgotten artifact from a lost civilization?
It’s hard to ponder those things when you are running for your life.
My legs don’t respond, my heart will burst from my chest any second now, I can run no more.
She comes close to me as my forces abandon me, I stare at her alabaster skin, perfectly chiseled nose, firm breasts, bright hazel eyes.
She opens her ruby lips as a prelude to a passionate kiss. Her gaping maw with hundreds of needle-like teeth and maggot-ridden breath come instead.
Then her sisters arrive to share the feast.

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