Bike Ride Through Town

“You want a ride around the town little lady?” the biker says

“Uh… Ambe…” I hear Thomas say but before he could finish Amber sequels, “Yes! I would!”

“Well alright let’s do it! Hope on!” the biker says as he sits down on the bike and starts it. The rev of the engine becomes loud and booming. I smile at the noise.

Everyone laughs as Amber straps up a helmet and grins at the bike.

“Amber, are you sure you want to?” Thomas finally says.

“Positive!” she yells.

“Have fun!” I tell her.

“Be careful!” Thomas yells to her as she gets on the bike.

“Oh stop worrying she will be fine,” Maddy tells Thomas and pats his shoulder.

Amber waves as she gets on and holds on to the biker while he drives off.

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