In A Perfect World

Well, sorry to break it to you, but it turns out she’s not into me that way. I really don’t know what happened. We were doing great for the first few days, but then I get this IM saying: “I really don’t like you like that, I’m sorry.”

Of course I said some sort of lie like “Oh, ok. It’s alright. No hard feelings”.

Of course I didn’t mean it. We didn’t even make it to the first date; I hung out on my own that day…

I’m almost used to this, but it gets old after a while. The shame is now I think about her twice as much as I usually do. We still do group-video chats and stuff, but we really don’t talk a lot.

Maybe I’ll get over it.

In a perfect world, I wouldn’t have told her that I liked her so quickly. I would’ve waited.

In a perfect world, she’d be sitting right next to me with a hand on my shoulder and a kiss on my cheek while I publish a story about how well our first date went.

In a perfect world, she wouldn’t be going to Florida for a week with me knowing she’s into every single guy who isn’t me.

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