My Horror Prequel

No one noticed her until the middle of the school year, when a teacher called on her.
“Miranda, the principal wants you.” I dont know how our teacher knew that the principal wanted her.
“Yes ma’m.” this so-called Miranda said, gathering up her stuff. I turned around. Theres no Miranda in my class! I thought, as I saw the tall, pale girl walk to the door of the classroom and walk out. I closed my eyes, wondering if I had ever seen her before. I dont think I had. It had only been five minutes when Miranda came back, just as the end of school bell rang. Everyone jumped up and ran out of the classroom as the teacher told us our homework for the day. I dont think anyone paid attention. Just a block away was my house. I turned the key in the lock and went in my house. I walked to the hallway, then I walked down the hallway and heard a noise. I turned to see Miranda behind me, her mouth open wide. I did the only thing I could do: I ran.

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