Slumber Seeking

I dreamed once that I had stopped dreaming. It was frightening. I don’t know how I would survive without dreams, without the constant reminder that my mind was still active when my body was not.
I’m sitting on my bed now, wishing, hoping that Slumber will find his way to me tonight.
I never believed in the toothfairy, you know. Or the Easter Bunny. Or the Sandman. I always thought, “How silly,” even as a child. It’s almost sad, don’t you think so? You go your whole life believeing nothing, knowing that your parents lie to you until you’re ten and then they attempt to burst your already bursted bubble.
At this moment though, I’m wondering if the Sandman does exist, because I hear a knocking on my window. I see a man wearing a potato bag as night gown with a funny hat. Is that him?
I hope so, because my eyes are about to shut and I need something to dream about.

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