Back to the Car

We stood there for a couple seconds in the hug. I was trying to decide if it was awkward or sweet. I decided awkward and stepped away.

“Ok well, this has been fun and all but I’m freezing.”

He looked really dissappointed. I was a little bit too. I tried to think of a way this date didn’t have to be over. “We don’t have to go back yet. Let’s just stay in the car for a while.”

He looked at me. I guess hanging out in his car wasn’t his idea of a date. It was kind of odd, I guess. But he agreed.

So we trudged our way back to the car and climbed in, immediately turning on the heater. He took out an old Elvis Costello album and put it in the CD player, then reached in the back into the bag of snacks he packed for the car ride and pulled out a box of pocky, offering me some with one hand and putting his other arm around me. As I leaned into him, taking some pocky and enjoying the warmth of the car, I thought to myself that this guy I’ve only known for a week knows me better than any boyfriend I’ve ever had.

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