I heard a noise that sounded like my mom, screaming.
“Mom?” I called, opening my eyes slightly.
“THANK GOODNESS YOU’RE ALIVE!” I saw my mom running down the hallway, her brown hair flying behind her. Wait…my mom’s not a brunette.
“You’re not my mom…” I said, and saw that the woman running towards me resembled Miranda in a very big way. The only thing that proved to me that it wasn’t Miranda was that Miranda was right in front of me.
“What?” the woman stopped.
“You’re. Not. My. Mom.” I repeated.
“Well, not excactly. After your mother died, your father and I married. I see you’ve already met your sister in law.”
“My mothers not dead.”
“She is. You dont remember? It was just last month that she died.” The woman who claimed to be my stepmom walked the rest of the hallway to me.
“Shes not!!” I screamed, backing up against the wall. A vision flashed in my head: my mother, screaming for help, as two men shoot at her. One man, a tall, gangly man, hits her right in the head. She was there. Watching. Smiling.

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