I searched the house for a place to hide. Beads of sweat ran down my forehead as I swung my head to the left, then to the right, but I didnt find any place that seemed good enough. The countdown had begun. I couldnt find a hiding spot. There was nowhere to hide! I heard my friends scurrying around the house. They all had found decent hiding spots. I hadn’t. The countdown was halfway done.
“THINK, DARNIT! THINK!” I banged my fist on the trunk at the end of my bed. Then I had an idea. I opened up the trunk and climbed in, closing the lid over me as quietly as I could. It was pitch black, but it was a great hiding spot. The countdown was done. She was looking for us. I tried to breath quietly, but I was too nervous. The trunk was really hot. I heard her walking up the stairs, and closed my eyes tightly. She came and sat down on the trunk.
“Where did they go..” she said aloud to herself. YOURE SITTING ONTOP OF ME! I thought. She slowly got up, and opened the trunk.
“There you are!” She found me. My turn to seek.

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