Derick stared at me with his piercing grey eyes.
“You wouldnt…” I whispered.
“Oh, Marissa, my sister, my lovely, lovely, sister…of course I would.”
“Why? It doesnt make any sense.” Derick came towards me, and held the knife to my throat.
“Not to you. But listen. If you needed money, and if someone offered to pay for everything you need to pay for, would you do what the nice man wanted?”
“Not if what they wanted was for me to murder my sister!”
“Marissa…some things are worth killing for.”
“Is that money really worth it?”
“I will let my actions answer that.” I swallowed. He was really gonna do it.
“Hahahahahaha!” Derick started cracking up.
“You really thought I was gonna do it, didnt you!! HAHA! You idiot! I got you good, didnt I?”
“Ugh! I cant believe this!” I stormed out of my bedroom.
“Haha!” the sound of Dericks laughter echoed around the house as I walked outside. What a jackass.

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