I only have your best interests at heart

41 weeks! I know you planned to “go natural”, but honestly, darling, you and your sisters were all induced bang on two days before my due date, and everyone was fine. Just thinking of you and the baby, of course. Are you still having it at home? I can’t believe the doctors said that’s ok. I mean, they know best and all, and of course it’s your decision, but really. Please keep an eye on your panties. Any BROWN or GREEN discharge means the baby is in distress or may be DYING. I don’t mean to worry you, of course, and I’m sure it will all be fine, but I really wish you’d go to the hospital. So much safer. Much less danger. Are your father and Georgie encouraging this? Don’t want to say anything out of line, but you know how they are. Anyway, take good care of yourself, and you know the baby feels everything you feel, so don’t let ANYTHING stress you!
Much love xxx

Tash looked through the mail. 2 bills and an envelope in the familiar scrawl. She dropped it in the bin before unlocking the front door.

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