What the squirrels have been doing...

“All these years. We were mistaken. The dolphins, the squirrels, and the lions. Oh how could i have been so stupid.” thought the president as he sat down on a rock IN the New York Zoo. Not “at” IN. The squirrels were running their rounds around the cramped small exhibit space.

A squirrel scurried to the far mossen oak tree on the far side of the park.

Panting the squirrel jumped into the tree and scurried onto the top relaying his important message to Anthony. Their leader.

“The Lions have joined the alliance sir. So have the dolphins.” the servant said

“Good. All is well. Send our messages of impending doom to them.” the leader said

The next day all the dolphin shows in the world were amazing. Noone got the message though. Two days after that several people died in lion attacks.

“Noone figured it out except me. I begged for mercy. I was ridiculed but now they see! now they all shall see!!!” said the president as he finished his flashback.

The squirels came in and chucked nuts at him laughing.

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