Smells Like Teen Spirit

“YES! SUMMER!” Johnathon pumped his fist in the air.
“YAY! WE’RE FREE!” his sister, Meena, jumped down the four stairs that seperated their school from the sidewalk. Their teacher, Mr. Schnoze, had an exceptionally large nose. He was telling people what their summer would smell like.
“Hm…Alexis, your summer smells like trouble…Cassie, your summer smells like…oh deard lord…”
“What? Mr. Schnoze, what does my summer smell like?” Cassie asked, trying to appear innocent.
“It…it smells like sweat and pregnancy tests.”
“Pregnancy tests have a smell?”
“They do after you use them!”
“Aw, man!”
“What does our summer smell like?” Meena asked their teacher.
“Your summer smells like…” he took a big whiff of the air. “I havent smelled this since…1988…it…it smells like teen spirit!”

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