Summer Loving 2

After dropping Carmen off, I sped to my house, walking in the door and plopping my books down.
Then I sat on the couch, reminissing my school year. Nothing exciting. The same boring stuff.
I went into my room. Sat on my bed. Went on the computer. Checked my blackberry. Went into the kitchen. Grabbed an apple. Sat at the table. Went out back. Swung on the swing.
Was I really going to be sitting here all day during summer vacation? I decided to head to the baseball/softball field. Softball was my main sport. And I was really good at it.
I changed into shorts and a sweatshirt, and let my long blonde hair hang loose.
“Dad! I’m going to the fields!” I yelled upstairs, then ran outside.
I decided to run instead of taking my bike to the field. It was only 3 miles away.
I sped off.

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