Ultima Project: The Unsuspecting

The Ultima Corp building was a large sprawling, 2 story building in the outskirts of New York proper. This research facility was one of many throughout the world, but only one housed Dr. Stromb.
Roland drove to the main door and let him out of his Lincoln. Damien looked upon him with pity as he drove away.
Flood lights pushed away the darkness as Damien walked into the building, his Nike’s squeaking on the pristine marble floors nearing the security desk.
“Can I help you?” came from the fat security man at the desk.
“I’m here for Dr. Stromb,”
“Your name?”
“Damien Roloson; he’s expecting me,”
The security guard typed his name into his terminal, and eyeballed him critically. He nodded and stood up, adjusting his pants over his protruding girth, “I’m to take you to the 2nd floor myself,”
Damien sensed subterfuge, “You know what?” he smiled, “I think I’ll pass,”
“Excuse me?” the guard was abacked.
Damien shook his head and waved, “Tell Stromb, I’ve changed my mind,”
A door opened.
A shot fired.
All went black.

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