The Daily Challenge

“Good morning, kindergartners! Todays Daily Challenge is not to say a certain letter. I cant tell you what the letter is. But it is in between T and V! Who knows what it is?” Mrs. Kim smiled at the class.
“IS IT—”
“Wait, Jack! Don’t say it! They’re listening!” Mrs. Kim’s voice was down to a whisper.
“What? Who is listening?” Jack asked.
“Write it down, Jack.” Jack wrote down the bottem half of a circle. Mrs. Kim smiled.
“Yes! Good job, Jack! Everyone, remember not to say that word!” Jack showed the letter to his classmates proudly. Mrs. Kim looked to the classroom window warily and saw two big men with the same bottem-half of circles on their clothes. They barged in the room.
“WRITING IT DOWN IS THE SAME AS SAYING IT!” one of the men yelled. The other one ran to Jack and tied Jacks hands behind his back
“Whats happening?” Jack was crying.
“I’m sorry, Jack…I’m sorry…” Mrs. Kim looked away. “Please don’t harm him.”
“No promises, lady!”
“Please!” Jack was carried to the hallway, crying for his mother.

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