Billie Jean

I moonwalked down the street when a woman approached me.
“Michael!” she squealed.
“Um, yes, that IS my name.” I replied, wiping my sweaty forehead with one gloved hand.
“You…you’re the father of one of my twins!”
“This one”! She showed me a picture of the baby crying. His eyes were like mine.
“But…the kid is not my son!” I was shocked.
“You have to be! He looks like you!” the woman smiled. She seemed insane.
“Hee hee hee!” I laughed in a very high pitched voice at her ridiculousness.
“Come on, Michael! It has to be you!” she grabbed my arms.
“Hey, lady, get off me!” I tried to push her off.
“You’re the one!”
“What do you mean, I am the one?”
“You are the father of one of my twins! My name is Billie Jean!” Billie Jean is not my lover, I thought, shes just a girl who claims that I am the one!

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