Summer Loving 3

I finally reached the field after 20 mintues of running. I bought a water. I looked around to see if any softball games were going on. There was a game with girls who looked about 17, and I was 16. I decided to watch them.
There were 2 teams, a purple team and a green team. I figured that the purple team was the travel team for my town, because that was one of my towns colors.
I noticed that there were only 8 players. You needed 9 to play a full game. Then I saw that the coaches were talking.
“Were gonna have to forfet!”
The other coach agreed.
“Unless we find another player.”
“We can ask someone younger to play up.”
Hmmmm. I was in the mood to play. Why not take a shot.
“I’m sorry, I couldnt help overhearing. You need an extra player?”
“Yea. You play?”
I shrugged. “Now and again.”
The coach looked at me.
He sighed. “Were desperate. Your in.”
I smiled. Time to bring it on.

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