Ultima Project: Saving Faith pt 2

Shan Doe took hold of Faith’s coat, and pulled her under cover of the Advocate’s patio eaves trough, “Look,” she said, “If Drape finds you here, he’ll put you to work servicing some of his friends while he watches. Believe me when I tell you, you DON’T want that!”
“I’ve whored myself enough. I did my time. I paid back what I owed. I’m done.” Faith reached for her smokes and lit one, shivering.
“No one is ever done with Drape; gimme one of those!” Faith handed her a cigarette and lit it.
A snowflake fell with sharp contrast on Faith’s freckled face as her tongue played with the ring pierced through her bottom lip.
“Where are you gonna go?” Shan asked her.
“Ottawa. I know people there who will put me up.”
“How will you get there?”
“Are you out of your fucking mind?” Shan took a short drag and blew out.
“How is it any different than taking a trick? It’s like you said; I have to get out of Toronto!”
Shan watched Faith for a moment, and cursed, “Shit! Here..” she pulled $100 from her pocket, “Take it.”

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