Ultima Project: Faith's Push.

She slept huddled in the corner of the train-station when the sounds of footfalls rose her from slumber. She spied over her crossed arms over her knees and saw, in the distance, Drape on approach.
“Oh christ!” she stood to her full 5 ft. and swallowed.
Did she run, or face him? Was she willing to take another beating?
Maybe he hadn’t seen her yet. She turned to walk towards the next terminal.
“I see you, bitch; don’t be walkin’ away,” Drape was a tall, large italian-type; though, she could not say for sure WHAT he was. He wanted to be a wop-mobster, and he failed at it miserably. But his fists were very good at speaking to the anger he held against those that betrayed him.
She turned on him, and gave a smile, “I wasn’t walkin’ way, Drape. You know me. Spacey, you know,”
“Why aren’t you on the streets, workin’?”
“I thought I was done. I paid you back for takin’ me in, didn’t I? You said…”
“I changed my mind,” Drape grabbed her by the arm
An anger rose in Faith.
“NO,” she pushed him, and he flew!

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