The Pessimistic Optimist

“Heya class! Your teacher wanted me to talk to you about how GREAT everything is! Isnt it just great how, eventually, all this won’t matter? You will just be dead! But live life while you can! Even though you are just dust in the wind, another drop in the ocean, that doesnt mean that you shouldnt enjoy your time here! Your short, pointless time!”
“YOU SUCK!” one of the guys who thought he was so cool yelled, throwing an apple at our motivation coach.
“Yes, maybe, but atleast I am happy!” the motivater cheered. "Who wants to learn a song? No one answered. “GREAT! It goes: dusttt, in the wiiindd, all we are is dust in the wind! SING IT WITH ME!” I slowly pulled out my pencil, then stabbed myself in the neck. Death was better then listening to this depressing man.

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