It Shall Not End

Across the Endless Ocean, Ala’s demons stepped back, knowing a moment’s fear. The King of Dragons, still wracked with pain, gained a short respite from his long torment. It was opportunity enough.

The last ember of Azdjan’s soul exploded back into his massive body. Awakening under a mountain of stone, his lungs demanded air, and somehow found it. He coiled his three heads tighter, seizing his only moment to compose himself. As the demons advanced again, he lashed out with the unbridled rage of a thousand years’ imprisonment, annihilating them in a fury of fire, and lightning, and shredded entrails.

A moment later, Azdjan was climbing. His powerful limbs and jaws worked in unison, tearing through stone, through rock, through soil, until at last he reached daylight. He could hear Tiana’s cry in his ears now, as well as in his soul.

Leaping into the air, he stretched his wings and raced toward her, a tidal wave in his wake. The same single thought pushed him on. My Queen of Dragons Shall Not Die.

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