It was then that he heard the voices talking animatedly among themselves.

He heard them as soon as he had entered from the rooftop. The window had led to a musty attic, and there had been nothing of interest. Going through another trapdoor, he entered into a much nicer looking hallway. It appeared that he had landed on some sort of dwelling, yet whose he still didn’t know.

Had he been summoned to a far-away land, hence the strange home and furnishings? Or was it a time-traveling spell, designed to foil his plans?

It appeared that he would soon find out. The voices, which he was able to distinguish as female, were drifting from further down the hallway where the top of a staircase was visible. Suddenly, a hand appeared, grabbing the handrail.

William ducked into the nearest doorway, slipping into a small room filled with tile and mirrored walls. He needed to find out more about his situation before he could reveal his presence.

Just then, a male voice pierced the females’ conversation for the first time.

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