A Long Awaited Kiss(Kiss Challenge)

I paced up and down the aisle. I couldn’t sit still for more than thirty seconds. My hands were fidgeting and I was nervous. I pulled my cell phone out for the hundredth time to check what time it was. I sat down again, bouncing one of my legs.

Finally it was time. I sprang out of my seat like a jack-in-a-box. I walked a couple of feet and scanned the mass of people flowing towards me. I was literally bouncing on my toes, straining to look at each face. I was searching for the liquid blue eyes and the soft brown hair I knew so well.

Our eyes met at exactly the same instant. A grin spread like wildfire across both of our faces as I sprinted towards him. I tried slowing just before I reached him, but didn’t slow enough and plowed into him. He caught me in his arms though, and used my momentum to lift me off the ground and spin me around.

“I missed you my precious jewel.” He said.

My smile grew bigger as I wrapped my legs around his waste and pressed my lips against his red and inviting ones as my response.

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