Give me five days one shot: Martins turn

Martin got up from his seat at lunch with a purpose. Today in gym class he would impress Carly his scond pick behind Stacey. Soon they were all at gym and the guys had hatched a plan. You see, Carly was sort of a tom boy and loved incredible feats of strength, and/or bravery. Today he was gonna climp the big metal support pole in the gym. The pole was a very huge very scary pole. With no hand holds this would be a very great acheivement to go to the top and touch the ceiling. The pole was a sort of square so it was climbable. As gym class started the boys acted. Three boys just ran down the hall and out of the door. Of course the teacher angrily followed them.

“Now’s my chance!” Martiin thought

MArtin ran towards one of the six support poles, and began to climb. Carly was the first to notice.

“Martin’s going to climb the pole!” she shouted

Everyone turned around. Martin went up the pole like a monkey. By putting both hands behind the pole and pushing up with his feet he was doing it just right.

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