Martin falls hard

Martin climbed until he was pratically at the ceiling. This was the dangerous part. With his left hand he reached out for the ceiling.

“Got It!” He exclaimed

And that’s when everything went wrong. He lost his balance and sarted to fall.

“When am i gonna hit th-”

THUD Martin hit the ground. Carly ran over to him. Martin began to lose consciousness. But as he did the teacher was coming back in. Scolding the three boys.

Carly bent down and kissed Martin with an unknown passion. Secretly she did not even know she liked him. The passions was so strong that Martin woke almost instantly. And his passion was equally matched. Carly hugged him and Martin grabbed on to her and gave her bottom a little pat. Barely noticeable. When the teacher walked in he was so surprised by their passion he sat there for a good minute staring at them in ecstasy.

“Break it up!” the teacher finally yelled.

Martin kissed her one more time and then awaited his punishment. None came.

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