Summer Loving 4

I got suited up and was sent to short stop. I did all the usual things, yelled;
But the pitcher was so fast we got the first 2 outs in no time.
The third batter got up to the plate and I came in a little.
Then our pitcher started throwing balls.
“Ball 4, take your base.” Yelled the Ump.
She walked 3 more batters. Then I started to get bored and let my eyes wander. They wandered around the field and to the bleachers. Thats when I first noticed him.
He was watching me intently, even though I had no clue who he was. He looked about my age, slightly taller than me. He had brown hair, it was kind of long, but only to about his ears. His eyes were green. It wasn’t that he was gorgeous, because he wasn’t. I dont know why, but I had a relectuant urge to impress him.
He waved. I was too busy staring to notice the pop-fly coming my way.
It hit me smack in the head then rolled into my glove.
“3 OUTS!”
I looked over at him and saw he was laughing.

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