vasectomy july 31

Here is the second attempt to write down full story of my vasectomy. I have written in dairy style to better order my thoughts and feelings.

Fri 31 Jul: cried in the car today. missing my wife terribly and felt like I’m loosing a friend too. kids were so sweet about it. Anita even plucked a flower from one of the bushes and gave it too me. Got to work and felt like shit. asked for a personal day – sort of pretended to have the flu. Drove to shopping centre, resolved to buy wifey some SHFMS’s walked around looking a shoes for about an hour; mmm shoes. found the perfect pair at Nine West. brown, soft leather in and out, strappy with zip at the heel. expensive but wow. shoes in hand and more or less spur of the moment decided to visit the doctor for a prostate exam and a referral for a vasectomy. finish what I started. doc examines me. no problem, blood pressure borderline high but all other indicators normal. prostate exam not as bad as everyone makes it. made an appointment for Aug 5 with the urologist.

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