vasectomy august 5

Wed 5 Aug: full of courage at my decision walk in the urologists office. fill out papers again. damn can’t they just keep one set. friendly and short doc Bruno (I’ll stick to first names) is available immediately and asks
“have you discussed this with your wife?”
“of course, she’s fine with it, no more babies!”
he explains the procedure,
“I cut here and here, take out two pieces of the vas, put you back together, no sex or sport for a week and then 3×3.”
“3×3?” I ask.
“masturbate three times weekly for three months, come back, have a sperm test and only if it shows zero, you are in the clear. In the meantime use a condom.”
mmm, masturbation on doctors orders, wonderful
wants to book me in immediately. tell him
“won’t be possible, have to watch the kids for the whole week. How about the 14th?”
set a date for the 14th at 12:00.
“oh, and shave the night before” he says as I leave.

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