The Wages of Sin

Excerpts of Minutes of the 24th Session of the Special Judicial Council
0802 Hrs 02-16-34 LE (Ship’s day 8246)
Attending: Capt. Kettering, presiding
Bishops Young, Mallard; Messrs. Johnston, Avalero, Tuqi; Ms. Charo, Taronado, Ng
Absent: None

The accused:
Archbishop Richard Tertius
Bishop Clarence Orlando
Bishop Armand Adjar
Bishop Gregor Prucellis
Bishop Thomas Dammsun
Pastor Derek Jonas
Pastor Timothy Fletcher
Pastor William DuPont
Pastor James Kenya
Lay Pastor Steven Raiche
Lay Pastor Julien Carnola
Lay Pastor Joel Nichols
Lay Pastor Charles Tutoli

655 counts murder; mass resource hoarding.

Guilty on all counts.

Death by recycling, to be carried out no later than 2330 Ship’s Day 8247.

Final statements, in part:
Prosecution: “The gravity of this situation speaks for itself.” – Head Prosecutor James Farelli, speaking on behalf of the People of Generation Ship
Defense: “This is not over. We are cockroaches, yes…there are always more of us.” – Archbishop Richard Tertius


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